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EuroSTEMPeers is the European chapter of the global STEM network which aims to connect early-stage STEM researchers to seek collaborations and guidance to transition to industrial, academic or entrepreneurial roles. After successfully hosting two conferences (Brno-April 2018, Berlin-April 2019), which introduced a unique stage for the young researchers and seasoned professionals to communicate and take advantage of the STEMPeers network in building their future roadmap to success. The EuroSTEMPeers 2020 is the third chapter of a yearly conference. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have decided to host a virtual meeting to maximize networking and keep this chapter alive.

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A registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to create a peer based mentoring and support platform for the STEM workforce of the world.

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Confirmed Speakers

Barbara Stegmann Barbara Stegmann is the co-founder of Living Brain GmbH, an award winning startup in healthcare, residing in Heidelberg. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and has gained major experience in the fields of business due to working in projects with companies like SAP and holds the responsibility for all business-related topics at the startup. She has gone through multiple accelerator programmes and ambitiously built up a small and motivated team of developers and scientists for bringing VR in healthcare to success. Barbara is a fellow of Kairos Society.
Bodo Brückner Dr. Bodo Brückner is a molecular biologist by training. He worked for many years at highly renowned institutions in different research areas (epigenetics, Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer biology). After working as a freelancer and positions at BioRN and EIT Health, Bodo Brückner has been working as a coordinator of the Lifescience Accelerator Baden-Wuerttemberg at the City of Mannheim since September 2017. Bodo Brückner is also an expert for Science4Life. To foster life science entrepreneurship and the creation of startups, he has taught since 2013 master and PhD students in biotech entrepreneurship at Heidelberg University and the International Master of Innovative Medicine in Heidelberg.
Dolores Del Prete Dr. Dolores Del Prete holds a PhD in molecular neurobiology at the Dept. of Neuroscience and Brain Technologies, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Genova, Italy). Fascinated by the possibility to study the interactome of the protein Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) in Alzheimer Disease (AD), she was granted the Bright Focus Foundation fellowship (2013-2016) and continued her work at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, USA. In order to conduct more-applied research and ensure that her work had a direct impact on pre-clinical studies, Dolores joined BioMed X Innovation Center (Germany), a pioneer in translational medicine in an entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary environment at the interface between academia and industry. In February 2020, she moved back to Italy where she joined Axxam as Principal Scientist in the High Content Unit (Discovery Services).
Dr. Markus Dettenhofer Markus Dettenhofer, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC). CEITEC is a scientific consortium of 6 universities and research institutes in Brno, Czech Republic, which has up to 550 scientists working in the fields of life sciences, advanced materials and technologies. Prior to joining CEITEC, Dr. Dettenhofer was Project Leader in pre-clinical development for viral vaccine and antibody discovery at Crucell (Johnson & Johnson). His previous work at Harvard Medical School was in the field of genetics and developmental biology, including studies on genes which control bone development and memory function. He led a study analyzing the development of the biomedical economy in Panama. His most recent work is on governance practices in higher education institutions and their contribution to performance. Dr. Dettenhofer was a visiting scholar at the Institut de Biologie Molécularie et Cellularie in Strasbourg, France, and is frequently a Visiting Scientist with the Joint Research Centre of European Commission. He received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, and a B.S. from UC Berkeley.
Jagadeesh Gandla Dr. Jagadeesh Gandla works as an accelerator program manager at EIT Health, he is currently based in Munich, Germany. He is originally from India, obtained a PhD in 'Cancer Pain' from University of Heidelberg, Germany. At EIT Health he is incharge of two programs called 'Mentoring and Coaching Network' and ‘Living labs & test beds'. As a part of his job, he supports hundreds of healthcare start-ups to validate their products by providing access to high quality mentors or Living labs. Apart from his job he loves reading books and also runs a couple of organizations like Indian Empowerment Network (IEN) etc.
Madhuri Cherukumilli Dr. Madhuri Cherukumilli pursed her PhD from ICGEB in Trieste, Italy and then got selected for EIPOD fellowship and moved to Heidelberg to do an interdesciplinary fellowship at EMBL and University hospital Heidelberg. In 2017, she decided to move away from academic research and she co-organised an Indo-German startup initiative, made a transition into product management for an year at Springer Nature. Currently, she is working as a Senior Business Development Specialist for Digital Health team at NEC laboratories Europe
Vince Madai Vince is a senior medical AI researcher at Charité Berlin with an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Medical Neuroscience focusing on acute stroke treatment and is the CSO of ai4medicine, an AI startup focusing on stroke prevention. He also holds an M.A. in Medical Ethics and is an expert in the ethics of AI.​


Markus Dattenhofer

Executive Director at CEITEC - Central European Institute of Technology

The Berlin EuroSTEMPeers meeting from 2019 focused on the young researchers, mainly seeking to enter into the private sector. Clearly, there was much to share in order to make this transition as smooth as possible. What I felt stood out, was not only the extremely friendly atmosphere, but we addressed deeper topics, such as the root causes of stress, anxiety and career barriers, which were openly discussed in a constructive manner.

Jubin Shah

GINSEP Ambassador/Startup Mentor

EuroSTEMPeers gives access to fresh, undiscovered talent and a new perspective on STEM topics from inter-disciplinary experts thereby opening up a wide avenue for discussions & collaborations. A community by researchers and working for the researchers. If you are looking for fresh perspectives on STEM topics from inter-disciplinary talent, EuroSTEMPeers will match to your expectations. A community making an impact

Chris Armbruster

Founding Member, AI Guild;

It is amazing how EuroStemPeers brings together experts and talents at the forefront of research and digital innovation. An outstanding event that I highly recommend.

Somsuvro Basu

Science Communication Officer, CEITEC

EuroSTEMPeers-2019 gathered a horde of like-minded fans of science, where share, care, and support' was the moto. I wish the organizers continued success in the upcoming event!

Marta Orlando

Postdoctoral scientist at Neurocure cluster of excellence - AG Schmitz, Charite, Berlin

Participating to EuroSTEMPeers2019 allowed to me listen to inspiring talks, meet many talented peers and broaden my support network. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the event was very well organised and the talks and panel discussions were broad: research, science policy, digital innovation, diversity in STEM, and so on: I highly recommend attending EuroSTEMPeers!

Agnieszka Szmitkowska

Ph.D. student at CEITEC, Czech republic

During EuroStemPeers 2019 I met wonderful people, that I work with till today. The conference gave me a possibility to start working as an intern with Sci-Illustrate. I could not ask for more :)

Ananda Ghosh

Founder STEMPeers

I enjoy Eurostempeers to the core because of its fresh outlook to the sustainable career issues for the STEM PhDs. The breadth of discussions covering social issues of science professionals in spite of having a focus on career development for early-stage researchers makes the conference unique.

Vinay Murtadak

Product Specialist at Biological Industries

Volunteering for EUROSTEMPeers 2019 was an unique opportunity for me, to be actively involved in an “non-academic” event for the first time in Germany. During the event, listening to several speakers of varied fields, especially some amazing Startups, gave me a new perspective of opportunities in Science! This was especially needed after being focused on a single topic during my PhD. Moreover, this was a great chance to connect and personally meet with so many CSG members, whom I just knew virtually. Some of them became really good friends! The best part of attending the event was that, it ascertained the power of Networking, as I landed a Free Lancing job with LabTwin (a Startup in Berlin), one of the sponsors of the EUROSTEMPeers 2019.

Mayur Vadhvani

Analyst at Catenion

"The speakers at EuroSTEMPeers Berlin provided a great perspective on the need of the market and how STEM scholars could help fill the gap. It was a great opportunity to meet the experts as well as the enthusiastic audience members in a relaxed atmosphere. A lot of effort put together by the entire team which was clearly visible. I highly recommend this meeting if you are looking for a fresh outlook into your current job or future career. I am very much looking forward to the next meeting already."

Past speakers

Dr. Markus Dettenhofer
Craig Curtis Ganer
Dr. Nana Bit-Avragim
Nina Alejandro Perez
Maurice Shen
Bejal Joshi
Gabriele Yvonne Matthias
Ananda Ghosh
Chris Armbruster, PhD
Christian Schulz
Stephanie Dawson
Guru Singh
Johanna Holldack
Dr. Ludger Dinkelborg
Jan-Philipp Beck
Britta Eickholt, PhD
Drashtti Vasant
Ulrich Pieper
Julain Zix
Prof. Lawrence Rajendran

Organising Team

Agnieszka Szmitkowska
Anzer Khan
Aseem Shrivastava
Dr. Jubin Shah
Dr. Priyanka Sharma Juan
Dr. Saurabh Gautam
Dr. Sreemukta Acharya
Dr. Vinay Murtadak
Hitesh Verma
Nandan Varadarajan
Subhash Narasimhan
Tanmoy Samaddar
Taraka Ramji Moturu

Past events

Brno 2018

Berlin 2019